About Us


DGI is an appreciated well known gemological laboratory, based in the Israeli Diamond Exchange Complex in Ramat-Gan. DGI is recognized by the the Israeli Diamond Controller as an authorized gemological laboratory, and is ISO-9001:2008 approved. DGI was established by Elazar (Zari) Faust and Jacob (Kobi) Schondorf. Elazar is 2nd generation in the Israeli diamond industry, from a well-known family in the industry since the early 1970th. The Faust family provides many services to the diamond industry such as fracture filling, laser drilling, laser inscriptions etc. Jacob is an advocate by profession with family in the diamond business. The two have decided to use their family experience, as well as their own, to create a reliable, professional, leading gemological laboratory.   DGI is known for its high standard diamond and jewelry reports and appraisals. DGI provides many services to many diamond and jewelry manufacturers and customers and is appreciated for its fast and professional service. DGI uses professional equipment and experienced certified gemologists to make sure you have the best most comprehansive report for your diamond or jewelry   For more information on the various services we provide, please see our Services page. We take pride in our professional reports, advanced services and experienced staff. It is important for us that you will feel safe holding a diamond or jewel report with our name on it. We hope to make the gemological world a little more accessible for home consumers, so if you have any questions or comments regarding our laboratory, please let us know!