DGI 4C’s

Our goal as a leading gemological laboratory in the 21st century is to make the gemological world a bit more accessible for home consumers, Therefore we offer you an extensive guide to the diamond gemological world.

Before going over the diamonds 4 C’s, first let us try and explain a few things about the 4 C’s.
The 4 C’s are 4 main parameters in which gemologists, and therefore gemological laboratories and diamond dealers, use to grade diamonds, Cut, Carat, Color and Clarity.
Basically, these are the parameters that determine the value and price of the diamond, some matter more than others, and some are less important to certain people, while other consider them the most important of all.
Be advised that only certified and experienced gemologists can determine any of the 4 C’s in a diamond.


The diamonds’ 4C’s are the 4 basic parameters to determine the quality and price of a diamond.

The 4C’s are:

- Carat: The weight of the diamond

- Cut: The shape of the diamond and the proportions quality

- Color: The diamonds color, on a white scale, or fancy color scale

- Clarity: The imperfections of the diamond, internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes)

The 4C’s will appear in the certificate in the following manner:



















In each one of the C’s we will try and explain as simply and as thoroughly as possible, so that even if this is the first time you have ever layd eyes upon a gemological report, it will still make as much sense as possible.

If you already know the basic 4C’s, and want to learn more about diamonds, or even about some of the other information inside your gemological report, we offer you an opportunity to expand your knowledge beyond the CARAT CUT COLOR and CLARITY section of the diamond world!

for better understanding of diamonds and gemology It is highly recommended to read all of the 4c’s in order and not just the one you are currently interested in.


We take pride in our professional reports, advanced services and experienced staff. It is important for us that you will feel safe holding a diamond or jewel report with our name on it. We hope to make the gemological world a little more accessible for home consumers, so if you have any questions or comments regarding The DGI 4C’s, please let us know!