DGI 4C’s - Clarity

The clarity of the diamond determines how pure the diamond is, how free it is from imperfections, internal (inclusions) and external (blemishes) ones. This has a major effect on the general appearance of the diamond.
The diamond’s clarity grades range from Flawless, diamonds which are completely free of blemishes and inclusions even under 10x magnification, to Imperfect 3, diamonds which possess large, heavy blemishes and inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.

Here’s the complete clarity scale

As the clarity grade of the diamond is higher in the chart the more it is rare, The FL grade is practically non-existing, and the IF grade is extremely rare, and so on.

Looking at the diamonds clarity scale one must remember that only a certified gemologist can determine the actual clarity grade of the diamond using professional equipment.


Clarity Enhanced (“Fracture Filling”) Diamonds

Since diamonds of high clarity are rare and expensive, it is more and more common to see Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, and more and more people buy them every year. Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are natural diamonds that have been, by certain technological procedures called “Fracture Filling”, altered. This will appear in the report under “Comments” at bottom of the certificate.
“Fracture Filling” is a process in which the fractures inside the diamond are filled with certain material compounds to be less noticeable, therefore enhancing the stone to higher clarity grades. This process is completely reversible.
Note: it is very important to know if your diamonds is clarity enhanced for several reasons:
- Clarity enhanced diamonds are less expensive, so if you have to choose between two diamonds of same weight, shape, color and clarity, but only one of them is clarity enhanced, either you just found the bargain of your life with the non-enhanced one, or more likely – someone is trying to rip you off…
- If you take the diamond to be set inside a jewel, the goldsmith has to know the diamond is clarity enhanced, and should deal with it as such. If your goldsmith doesn’t know how to deal with clarity enhanced diamonds, it is likely to believe that he will damage the filling, and you will have to return to your dealer to repeat the process.