DGI Diamond and jewelry reports

Our reports provide a most reliable and accurate identification of your diamond or jewel characteristics based on an internationally recognized grading system.
Each item certified in our laboratories is tested and graded by several gemologists who use the combination between human experience and expertise, and the best gemological equipment to produce a most professional, comprehensive and accurate description of the diamond or jewel characteristics and its quality.
Our reports may come in various forms. From a full gemological certificate with a small cert-card, to a simple mini-cert. one way or the other, full cert or mini-cert, we give every diamond or jewel we certify our full attention, and it remains forever in our data-base and available to you on-line via DGI’s on-line verification system. 

every report we issue contains all the important information one needs to evaluate his diamond in every aspect. Including the full 4C’s with detailed proportion report, fluorescence grading, and other gemologically relevant information and comments such as “8 Hearts and 8 Arrows”, “Excellent ideal cut”, “Clarity Enhanced”, etc.

All of the services we provide are planned for maximum security and safety. therefore our certificates are provided with security features designed specifically for your safety!



The basic five services we provide are

- Certificates

- Mini-Cert

- Cert-Card

- Appraisal

- Dia-Script

- Diamond Seal

You may choose one, all, or any combination.

We take pride in our professional reports, advanced services and experienced staff. It is important for us that you will feel safe holding a diamond or jewel report with our name on it. We hope to make the gemological world a little more accessible for home consumers, so if you have any questions or comments regarding one of our reports, please let us know!