Services - Cert-Card


The plastic credit-card sized certificate is the perfect solution for those who wish to have a world recognized professional gemological certificate, with all the necessary information and characteristics regarding their precious jewel or diamond, but wants it to be small, and easy to carry with them, or attach it to the item itself in the jewelry box or safe.
The cert-card contains all the necessary gemological information regarding the item, in addition to a photo or diagram of the item itself and of the Dia-Script if relevant, and of course the report number for easy verification.
The cert-card contains the same information as the full certificate, and with the same differences between the different types of items.

Diamond card

On the inside of a diamond card you will find all of the diamond characteristics:

- Cert Number

-Date issued

– Weight

- Shape and Cut

- Measurements

- Total Depth

- Table Width

- Polish

- Symmetry

- Clarity

- Color

- Fluorescence

Comments: other comments regarding the nature of the diamond.