Services - Dia-Script

One of the most important, and the most recommendable service we can provide with our reports, is the laser inscription – Dia-Script.
If you have a Dia-Script on your diamond, you can make sure it is the diamond you paid for by matching the report number on your report and the number and logo inscribed on the diamond girdle!
The Dia-Script is the perfect, most secure way you have of identifying your diamond. the inscription is performed by the best lasers available, it is a completely safe, risk-free procedure for diamonds.
For the safest purchasing of diamonds, we urge you to ask your retailer for an original DGI report number Dia-Script with every diamond!


DGI’s Dia-Scripts may be of the diamond report number, for example:




However, it may also be what ever you want it to be, a birthday date, names and other personal dedications.

for example:




Just choose!

If your diamond is inscribed, the inscription will appear in the report, in the following manner – the photo of the inscription will appear above the diamond proportions diagram, on the right side of the certificate, and it will also appear in text at the bottom of the report, in the comments section. there it will also indicate the nature of the inscription, such as report number, i love you etc.

for example:

Remember: for your own safety, it is always better to ask your diamond to be inscribed with its report number!