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Full Certificates 

Diamond or jewelry certificate is the perfect and classic way to identify the diamond or jewel and their characteristic. The certificate is made from the best materials and comes inside a transperant plastic folder for lasting as long as possible as the diamond or jewel ID.
The cover of the certificate may vary between black, blue and white, and it is designed to be a classic and luxurious, yet simple, companion for your quality diamond or jewel.
The real difference is between diamond certificate and jewelry certificate, since they have different characteristics, the inside of the certificate will look different.

The gemological report inside the certificate is an A4 size laminated sheet of quality paper, and the cover is just a bit bigger laminated chrome cardboard. while folded inside the plastic folder the size of the certificate is about XXxXXcm

Diamond Certificate

On the inside you will find all of the diamond characteristics:
– Weight
- Shape and Cut
- Measurements
- Total Depth
- Table Width
- Crown Height
- Girdle Thickness
- Polish
- Symmetry
- Cut Grade (only in Round Brilliant shaped diamonds)
- Culet
- Clarity
- Color
- Fluorescence
Comments: other comments regarding the nature of the diamond.




Jewelry Certificate

On the inside of the jewel certificate, unlike the diamond certificate, the information can change between the different types of jewels. Diamond jewels will have different characteristics than jewels with other gems mounted in them. It may also vary between the different types of metals used in jewels, etc.

Tha basic certificate will include at least some information regarding these three main critiria:

- Metal characteristics

- Stone/s characteristics

- General information regarding the jewel



In addition to all the gemological information, the certificate also show a photo or diagram of the item itself, and a photo of the Dia-Script (Laser inscription) if exists. On the top of the page on the inside of the certificate (both jewel and diamond certificates) will appear the date in which the certificate was issued and the report number, for verification.