Services - Appraisal

DGI Provides a professional appraisal service. In aditon to our other services, we can give you an approximated replacement value of the item in US Dollars.

The appraisals are based of course on the diamonds gemological grades, therefore they must come with a gemological report that states the diamonds 4C’s and all the other gemological information provided in all of our report, such as, measurements, fluorescence etc.

You can choose this reports to be a certificates, mini-cert or a cert-card, or use it for your own purposes. Appraisals are performed according to current Rapaport price list. All appraisals in our full scale certificates will appear both numeric and by words to prevent confusion.

These appraisals are only an estimated assessment based only on the gemological grade of the stone combined with the rapaport price list. They do not include other market concerned information that may have an affect on the item retail value. Therefore they are not an official evaluation certificate.