Services - Mini-Cert

The Mini-Cert is yet another solution for those who want a smaller more subtle report than the full-sized certificate, but do not wish to lose the important added-value of having a professional gemological certificate to identify their precious diamond or jewel. The mini-cert is sized to be somewhere between the credit-card sized cert-card, and the full-sized certificate, but has the advantage of folding in half, almost to the size of the cert-card!
It is needless to say that the mini-cert contains the same information as the full-sized certificate and the small cert-card, including a photo or diagram of the item and of the Dia-Script if exists, and the report number for verification, while of course remaining simple, and luxurious.

Diamond Mini-Cert

On the inside of a diamond mini-cert you will find all of the diamond characteristics:
– Weight
- Shape and Cut
- Measurements
- Total Depth
- Table Width
- Crown Height
- Girdle Thickness
- Polish
- Symmetry
- Cut Grade (only in Round Brilliant shaped diamonds)
- Culet
- Clarity
- Color
- Fluorescence
Comments: other comments regarding the nature of the diamond.

Just the same as a full-size certificate.

Jewel Mini-Cert

On the inside of the jewel mini-cert, unlike the diamond mini-cert, the information can change between the different types of jewels. Diamond jewels will have different characteristics than jewels with other gems mounted in them. It may also vary between the different types of metals used in jewels, etc.

Tha basic certificate will include at least some information regarding these three main critiria:

- Metal characteristics

- Stone/s characteristics

- General information regarding the jewel


In addition to all the gemological information, the mini-cert of course also show a photo or diagram of the item itself, and a photo of the Dia-Script (Laser inscription) if exists. On the top of the page on the inside of the mini-cert (both jewel and diamond mini-certss) will appear the date in which the report was issued and the report number, for verification.